Exito. team

Meet EXITO. team

We believe that achieving the success of our clients is part of our solutions that we have contributed to their growth. We always stand by our clients as a team and take pride in your every success.

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What we believe

We believe we can make the internet business oriented!

We have always strived to achieve high success. We have always wanted to develop our clients so that we can boast that it is Studio Exito behind them. It’s important for us to create working business solutions so we can make the internet a clean and healthy business environment. It’s up to all of us!





The Founders

“Extremely talented. I like that they follow established rules and appear to be able to anticipate all the regulations that a website has to comply with under legislation.”

Project Manager
Kristijana Dragomirova GB
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Graphic design
Digital marketing
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Our Mission

Our mission is to reach 3000 businesses as our clients and grow our studio. We aim to expand and become one of the leading Web Design and Digital Marketing companies in the European Union.

We have already taken the first step!

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Unlock your potential with us!

We at Studio Exito Ltd are looking for talent to be part of our team. We do not want to hire specialists with experience. You will easily find a new job! Our aim is to find people with no experience to be trained to our requirements, standards and working procedures. In spite of everyone else, we are looking for people with no experience but with a huge desire.