Stripe WooCommerce integration

Интеграция на Stripe в WooCommerce

How to integrate Stripe into WooCommerce to pay with credit and debit cards?

One of the most common questions we’ve encountered for some time is related to paying with cards in an online store. It is discussed VPOS, platforms and what not, but the truth is that with Stripe integration in the online store, everything becomes very easy and most of all… very secure!

Stripe WooCommerce integration in a few steps

First… you should know that Stripe is not only a brand, but also the world’s most trusted online payments company, making it perhaps the most preferred online payments partner for online stores of all types. Until recently, the implementation of Stripe in Bulgaria was impossible. They stepped on Bulgarian terrain in 2020 and definitely overshadowed all virtual pos methods.

The good news is that the Stripe WooCommerce plugin is free with its basic features. It can be very quickly and easily installed on any WooCommerce online store, but of course the store must meet certain requirements.

Requirements for WooCommerce store

As mentioned above, to be able to use Stripe WooCommerce for your online store, you need to meet a few requirements. Let’s look at who they are and what they are so important for:

  • You must have an SSL certificate – an SSL certificate is mandatory. You may be able to somehow install and set up payments without it, but once your customer gets to the Checkout page, they will immediately be warned that entering data into this page will not be secure! If you do not have an SSL certificate, you can purchase one from Superhosting.
  • Stripe Business Account – In order to accept and process payments, you must create a business account on the Stripe platform. Here is a link to the platform.
  • You must provide documentation – in order for your account to be verified, you must prove that you are the owner or a person who has the right to manage the business. You will need to provide documents related to the company as well as a copy of your ID.

Even if it seems complicated or long to do, keep in mind that it’s only done once. Stripe WooCommerce is the card payment solution you need for your online store.

Stripe transaction service fees

Of course, like any virtual pos, Stripe Woocommerce also have fees for each transaction. While our native banks also have a monthly fee, Stripe does not. You can check out the fees on Stripe’s website, or to make it easier for you, we’ve added this link to Stripe’s Price Page.

At the time of writing this post, we would say that the fees are significantly manageable, but you should still keep them in mind when forming the final price of the product. Let’s see the fees.

Fees per transaction as of date: 11.07.2022

As you can see, they are not very high. Best of all, 3D Secure authentication is an included option or no extra charge. 3D Secure authentication is compulsory to use in the EU, which is described in an EC council document.

Where to get the plugin?

There are several options for the plugin. You can purchase it with more goodies or download it for free from WordPress respiratory. Of course, it’s important not to be tempted to install hacked plugins or so-called “Nulled” plugins, lest there comes a time when payments for your products will go to someone else’s account. Why do we say it…? We saw it once on an online store!

Need assistance?

If you need assistance installing and/or setting up the Stripe WooCommerce plugin, as well as setting up the Stripe platform account itself, feel free to contact us. We have the experience, plus we are partners with Stripe.

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