Fisrt position in Google on Mashterka catering

Mashterka catering is one of our long-standing clients, with whom we work extremely easily and pleasantly!

Първа позиция в Google за Мащерка кетъринг
About Fisrt position in Google on Mashterka catering

We have fulfilled our task of achieving the first position in Google for our clients from Mashterka catering – Plovdiv. In fact, we achieved something that was quite difficult not only for us, but the end result is quite satisfying. Of course, with this, our work on the SEO optimization of the site cannot be said to be over. It continues because, in addition to achieving the result in SEO optimization, it must be preserved.

Първа позиция в Google за Мащерка кетъринг

The challenge

We at Studio EXITO have always understood the importance of organic ranking and managed to convince our clients that for them the better option would be to invest in SEO optimization more than in ads. Yes, ads always give faster results, but over time, if your business is sustainable, the best decision to invest in SEO optimization. In the end, it works out cheaper for your business.

Service used:

How did our partnership with Mashterka catering begin?

We were contacted by Alex, who is the manager of Mashterka catering, and asked us for an offer to create a website for his business, which was small at the time. Of course, we made an offer, Alex agreed, and we started developing the site. In the beginning, the idea was to have the site only as informative. Later, however, COVID-19 arrived and everything turned upside down.

Then we started discussing the idea of achieving results that would help the business. For a long time we tried to impose the idea that it was most relevant for the business to start with advertising campaigns and, in parallel, SEO optimization of the site. I remember back then we couldn’t promise the first position in Google. The important thing is that Alex took our advice and we started to strategize for the right optimization.


Increase in organic search in 1 year


Improvement in conversions for catering requests


Increase in new site users

The power to be able to do it

We at Studio for Web Design and Digital Marketing have experience in SEO optimization for quite a long time. Every client of ours who has benefited from our SEO optimization service has started to achieve extremely good results in their business.

We are your partner because we know how to do it!

What do we continue to do for Mashterka catering?

Now is the time to take you to the next level