Mashterka catering

Website design

We designed the website of Masherka Catering – Plovdiv. Alex contacted us for the first time in 2019 with a reserved attitude because he had already been contacted several times by web design companies. Having spent a considerable amount on experiments by “colleagues” in our industry, we promised him what he wanted to hear.

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Information about Mashterka catering

Mashterka Catering is an idea turned into reality. Mashterka Catering started its operations in a mother kitchen through which it served end customers. An expansion process is currently underway.

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The challenge

The biggest challenge was being able to get Alks to overcome his fear of being tricked again. We did it. We designed a site that is purely informative, with no online food sales or catering service. Alex was convinced of our capabilities and honesty and decided to entrust us with SEO.

Services used:
The power is in the numbers

Business impact

Our partnership with Mashterka Catering has resulted in a truly amazing outcome for their growth in the web space and beyond.


Stretch in organic site score in 1 year


First position in Google for “Catering Plovdiv”


Growth in business compared to competitors in the market

Results of marketing decisions

As part of servicing our client, we launched SEO as well as branding strategies to gain visibility. See the results

+290 %

of funds

310 %

Increase in use of services

90 %

Growth of customers using the service

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