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Website design

We designed the website of the Maria Magdalene School – Sofia. The previous website that the nursery had had very outdated technology, and the online presence of these types of institutions is hugely important. This is exactly why we designed a new website.

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Information about Private kindergarten

The activities of the “Maria Magdalena” CDG play a great social role, especially for the residents of the town. Sofia.

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The challenge

The task was a redesign of the existing website, which was not ranking well in Google and was displaying php errors.

The new website contains a well designed and organized menu that is easy to understand and manage. The website of “Maria Magdalena” CHD loads in less than 1 second, and a user interface has been developed for a responsive view.

The loading of the site is seamless on any kind of smart device, and according to the resolution, each element shifts to provide the best look and speed.

Services used:

“As a person who works with children and maintains a high level of work, I rely on the team of Studio Exito. In their person I found a serious company working with high standards for quality, efficiency and correctness. Studio takes care of the optimization of the site and maintains its position on the first page of Google. This is important for us, not only from the point of view of the position taken, but also from the financial point of view, because it gave us the opportunity to stop advertising on various sites, and this relieved us financially.”

Rozaliya Nikolova
Private kindergarten
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