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We developed Radapola’s online store. The fastest growing accessories brand in Bulgaria

We created the inspiring online shop Radapola BG. We took on the task with great gusto and every day we achieved better and better results on the functionality. We breathed life into an idea that wasn’t shaped at the beginning, like what came later.

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Information about Radapola

The main activity of Radapola is the manufacture of jewelry, accessories and dresses of the famous Julia Salakina. With her brilliant talent, she delights many of the discerning ladies of Bulgaria with exquisite accessories, jewelry and women’s clothing.

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Brand colours
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The challenge

The challenge in making the online store was quite serious. On the client side, Julia’s assistant worked with us. Innovations were constantly being added to the original design that we couldn’t catch the end of.

We had to reconcile the new requirements with those already drawn up. We explain to Julia’s assistant that we can’t change the parameters we agreed on a daily basis and so, after a long time, we come to a finished project.

Services used:
The power is in the numbers

Business impact

Our partnership with Radapola.bg has led to a number of changes in our procedures, which in turn has improved us as a team. After launching the store it all made sense and we saw a great looking and functional online store that started selling.


Increase in brand performance results


Logical and functional solutions for the store


Growth in business compared to competitors in the market

Results of our solutions

As part of servicing our customer, we began to add additional developments that enabled features that allowed customers to place their orders very quickly and easily.

We completely changed the custom dashboard in the customer profiles from the default WooCommerce dashboard, to one with icons, with different pages and logical data, and a bar bar that showed after what amount of purchased products the customer would be promoted to VIP customer with 20% discount for each product and free shipping.


Frequently Asked Questions about Online Shop Radapola.BG

Certain questions have started to be asked by visitors to the site that are related to the Online Store and the features we have developed. Here are the most frequently asked questions about Radapola

Unfortunately, yes. You can’t find them because on the current Radapola BG site they no longer exist and can’t be made.

We have not changed the Radapola BG website. Our clients were tricked by a freelancer who does low-budget projects and who doesn’t have the experience needed to create online stores, but charges a 70% lower subscription fee for online store maintenance. Overall, Julia’s assistant was tricked by the marketing freelancer to approach this freelancer who is currently handling their online store.

We were approached by the Radapola team to take over the marketing services, but the subscription fees did not appeal to the assistant and manager.

Regarding the maintenance of the online store, the Radapola team decided that the importance is not great and will not provide the maintenance to us. Then a newbie freelancer stepped in and offered to transfer the site to the CloudCart SaaS platform, which can’t offer those features, for a lower maintenance fee.

Are we sorry… Yes, of course! We do not like it because we threw a hell of a lot of hours of work to achieve something that was not done on any online store in Bulgaria until now. After all, we know how to value our opportunities and our work, and we know that sometimes better is worth more.

“Beware of charlatans, because the only thing that can happen to your business is that it goes downhill and after a few months you are just finished!

If they offer you to use a SaaS platform but charge you money for development, then they are really cheating you. Visions in SaaS platforms are ready-made templates. In this case, you don’t need freelancers to “build” your new website. Ask yourself, what do they make?…

Beware, for there are already unscrupulous crooks!”

Ivan Zankov

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