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Website development

We at EXITO Web Design Studio designed a website for our clients at Elita Beauty Studio. With our help and the support we give to our partners, the beauty studio has expanded its online presence resulting in over 355% increase in success.

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Information about Studio Elita

Elita Beauty Studio is located in Sofia and was founded by Sergey Salakin. An amazing man with a taste for aesthetic hairstyles. Sergey is one of the best and most recommended hairdressers in Bulgaria.

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The challenge

In 2016 we were contacted by Ms. Inna Katranji who asked us to create a website for Elita Beauty Studio. They had tried to do the site themselves, but it was a hassle to manage.

They asked us to develop an SEO strategy and design a new, responsive website. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work. 12 days later, the website was ready to be put online.

We immediately started SEO for the website and 4 months later, the beauty studio was already on the 1st page of Google.

Services used:
The power is in the numbers

Business impact

Our partnership with Elite Beauty Studio has resulted in a really good outcome for their growth on the internet.


Stretch in organic site score in 1 year


Perfect local SEO with reviews


New customers booked an appointment through the website.

Results of marketing decisions

As part of servicing our client, we launched advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google to promote the new services for which the client had purchased top-of-the-line equipment. See the results

+320 %

of funds

236 %

Increase in use of services

220 %

Growth of customers using the service

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