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We will prepare the best SEO plan for your website. EXITO Studio is in the top 10 companies for SEO of Wordpress and HTML websites in Bulgaria.
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Improve your presence with SEO optimization

Modern online business requires strategies that guarantee visibility and successful performance in search engines. SEO optimization for your site is the key to achieving this success by improving your website’s ranking in search results.

We will select the right keywords to prepare the best SEO optimization for your website or Online store.

How SEO optimization works

Our SEO optimization - your path to business success

SEO оптимизация на Мащерка кетъринг
SEO optimization of Masherka catering - 1st position in Google for keyword "Catering Plovdiv"

Why do you need SEO optimization?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a crucial role in achieving a high ranking for your site in search engines.

When users use keywords to search, SEO optimization makes your website visible and accessible in the top positions of Google and Bing. This increases your chances of attracting your target audience, increasing traffic and conversions and reducing the cost of advertising campaigns.

We understand a lot about SEO optimization and have over 90% success rate in positioning our clients in the top 3 on page 1 of Google. One of examples is Mashterka catering

It costs money, but the results are the best

The SEO optimization service itself really isn’t for every business because the resources that are put in are prohibitive for small businesses.

If it is important for your business to grow, then investing in SEO optimization is worth it because we can get you to page 1.

SEO optimization includes a number of strategies and techniques aimed at improving the structure and content of your website. This includes keywords, meta tags, optimization for speed and other factors that affect how search engines see and rank your website.

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How SEO magic happens

We have an approach and follow a scoring system of over 150 tasks.

Since we have a lot of experience in search engine optimization, we have prepared some huge checklists to guide our SEO. These points are personally ours and real situations that prompted us to structure our knowledge and requirements from search engines.

We create winners

What do we do to make you so effective?

We develop strategies

It is important for us to prepare at least 2 strategies to work with your website or online store. Sometimes it happens that one of the strategies does not achieve the results we expect. Then the second succeeds.

Building on our achievements

It's not easy to get to the top, but once you do, the hard part is keeping you there. We put our accumulated knowledge and prepared strategies to keep your business in the best position.

We do not work with your competitors

It always happens... Until now, our clients' competitors continue to seek us out so that we can elevate them to the highest position, and often. We always refuse to work with them.

“As a person who works with children and maintains a high level of work, I rely on the team of Studio Exito. In their person I found a serious company working with high standards for quality, efficiency and correctness. Studio takes care of the optimization of the site and maintains its position on the first page of Google. This is important for us, not only from the point of view of the position taken, but also from the financial point of view, because it gave us the opportunity to stop advertising on various sites, and this relieved us financially.”

Rozaliya Nikolova
Private kindergarten
Transparency in business

SEO optimization prices

Our SEO optimization plans are standard. There is always the possibility of an individual agreement, as long as it does not damage the contractual relationship.

SEO Start

For the start-up business
лв Monthly
  • Site audit
  • Speed improvement
  • Indexing in Google WebMT
  • Indexing in Bing WebMT
  • Check list for execution
  • Onpage SEO optimization
  • Meta title correction
  • Meta description correction
  • Blog Articles and Pages
  • Monthly report


For the recognizable business
лв Monthly
  • Site audit
  • Keyword analysis
  • Optimization up to 10 pages
  • Management in Google WebMT
  • Management in Bing WebMT
  • Onpage SEO optimization
  • Correction of up to 10 meta titles
  • Correction of up to 10 meta descriptions
  • Optimization of up to 100 images
  • TwoWay link building
  • Monthly report

SEO Premium

For the strong of the day
1 МРЗ Monthly
  • Site audit
  • Keyword analysis
  • Optimization up to 50 pages
  • Optimization of up to 50 products
  • Management in Google WebMT
  • Management in Bing WebMT
  • Website/Shop Maintenance
  • Unlimited meta titles
  • Unlimited meta descriptions
  • Full link building
  • Landing Pages design
  • Weekly report
Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Optimization FAQ

Looking for more information about SEO optimization? Here are the most frequently asked questions received from inquiries:

The cost of the service is prohibitive for most businesses in the internet space and they don’t take advantage of it. Those who are looking to grow realize the importance of SEO optimization to their business and understand why the cost of the service is of such value. To the question…: Considering the struggle we are fighting, the knowledge we have gained and the difficulty to make our customers first among competitors, the price is not so high.

We can’t promise that we’ll get you to the #1 position on Google or Bing. Whoever promises you such a thing is lying to you. We always strive to achieve the best results possible, and for us that’s Top 3 on page 1. We also cannot give you a clear and precise timeframe in which we will achieve the SEO result we are aiming for. Usually in the first quarter we start the steep climb in pages.

The second quarter saw a more gradual rise in your site’s organic position. Around the 7th, 8th month we now have the full picture of your position.

Because the time we have put you in this position has cost us a lot of effort and sleepless nights. If we stop with SEO optimization, keep in mind that you will get back to the position you were in before we started working on your SEO 4 times faster.

Yes, we would recover a part of the funds, which is described in the contract we have signed.

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