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Website design service is the best choice you can make for your business. We at Studio EXITO have over 9 years of experience in development a website with WordPress and we know what your business needs in the online space.
Web design
Website design

Website design with WordPress

Building a site with the WordPress CMS system is the best possible choice for clients who have no experience in web project management. We can develop a new WordPress website using ready-made templates or a completely custom look and functionality. Everything you want can be achieved.

Studio EXITO

What we guarantee you

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Website development with precision and expertise

According to your needs, we will create a unique look for your website. We will also adapt the theme options and use responsive design, so that the website is adapted to look great on smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop.

With WordPress website development we will create functionalities that will meet your needs and requirements. You will have all kinds of functionalities and conventions, without which your business will not be able to present itself online the way you want.

Your new website with Google advertising

If you want to get your business off the ground beyond just building a website, you need to trust our marketing team who know how to get you on page 1with a Google ad.

We’ll integrate all the necessary tracking codes so you can get the most out of advertising your website without paying more for advertising than you need to.

Do it now, tomorrow will be too late!

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What you will get

Quality, standards and functionalities

By choosing Studio EXITO as a reliable partner who will create a website for your business, you will receive a huge range of services, with which we close a perfect circle. In addition to website design, we will maintain and promote your site so that you do not need countless companies to drain your capital. We know how to serve businesses, as our customers testify!

We stand behind business success

Why are our services so successful for our customers?

Pure contractual relations

We prefer to give security to our customers. The website development service is accompanied by a contract to give our clients the assurance that we are not another fraudulent company that cannot cope with the task.

Clear deadlines and tasks

Website development deadlines are of the utmost importance to us and we do everything we can to meet them. We stand by our name and always promise what we can deliver because we realize the responsibility our future and current customers rely on.

Financial security

Clear and precisely formulated financial conditions for your business. We do not require upfront full payment for website development. No hidden fees or commissions. Every dollar spent by your business to us is invoiced, and you have access to a platform with all your payments.

“As a person who works with children and maintains a high level of work, I rely on the team of Studio Exito. In their person I found a serious company working with high standards for quality, efficiency and correctness. Studio takes care of the optimization of the site and maintains its position on the first page of Google. This is important for us, not only from the point of view of the position taken, but also from the financial point of view, because it gave us the opportunity to stop advertising on various sites, and this relieved us financially.”

Rozaliya Nikolova
Private kindergarten
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25+ Customer Reviews

Truth is not in promises. The truth is in the statistics

Why EXITO Studio is the best choice?


guaranteed growth of your business online, which we can prove with real statistics.


serious attitude to the needs of your business and implementation of thought and marketing strategies in the site.


opportunity to put you ahead of your direct competitors if you combine website development with Google advertising

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Frequently Asked Questions

Website design FAQ's

Do you have questions that you are looking for answers to before choosing a website development company for your business?
Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Yes. We require an upfront payment before we start a website design. The purpose of advance payment or the so-called A “deposit” is required to ensure that upon completion of work on your new website, you will not give up because you have received a better offer.

We create quality website design. While other companies use hundreds of ready-made templates and extensions, we use knowledge and skills accumulated over a period of more than 12 years, which provide your business with quality, speed, functionalities and a strategically designed website.

And yes… and no! We do not have the ability to build a data center that offers quality hosting services. However, in order to offer truly quality and high results, we have built a partnership relationship with Superhosting.BG. Our partnership with the best hosting company in the Balkan Peninsula allows us to provide the quality that every business website needs.

We guarantee the confidentiality of the information through strictly structured procedures that we follow, but if this is not enough for you, then you have full rights to the content and can determine what can be accessed and by whom. So far in all the 9+ years we have been providing our services, we have not had a customer complain about such bad practices!

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